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FAQsabout LOOKIAM glasses

How Long Does the Playback Last ?

The usage time depends on how you use LOOKIAM. LOOKIAM can play music continuously for 6-8 hours and answer calls continuously for 4-5 hours.

Are Lookiam Bluetooth Glasses Waterproof?

Yes, our bluetooth glasses can achieve IP55 level of waterproof, as long as you don't soak it in water, there will be no problem, of course, rain and sweat will not affect the glasses.

What Technology Does LOOKIAM Bluetooth Glasses Use?

The multifunctional smart glasses use Bluetooth chips, compatible with mainstream brands of mobile phones and tablet computers and other Bluetooth devices, support APTX audio decoding technology, achieve CD-level high-quality sound quality, long-lasting battery life, left and right dual speakers, open directional pronunciation, and accept external sounds without barriers. The surrounding environment information can be obtained all the time, which is safe, intelligent, healthy and convenient.

Will It Disturb Other People when Listening to Music with Bluetooth Glasses?

This is related to the volume setting of your Bluetooth glasses. If you turn up the volume of the glasses to 100%, then everyone around you can hear the music you are listening to. If you turn up the volume to 50%, people within 3 feet People can hear, if you turn the volume up to 30% then only you can hear the music