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Blog | Beanie Hat with Light How to Charge ?

Beanie Hat with Light How to Charge ?

January 15, 2024     Nelson

A beanie hat with built-in lights is a fashionable and practical accessory that not only keeps you warm during the winter but also provides a convenient lighting solution. This type of hat features a small light embedded within, ensuring clear visibility for nighttime walks, outdoor activities, or other low-light environments. This article will guide you through the process of charging this light-up beanie, ensuring you can always enjoy a bright glow when needed.

1: Check the Charging Port on the Hat

Beanie hats with lights are typically designed with a discreet charging port, ensuring convenience without compromising the overall appearance of the hat. Before starting the charging process, carefully inspect the hat for a small and concealed charging port.

2: Use the Provided Charging Cable

A light-up beanie usually comes with a dedicated charging cable. Insert one end of the charging cable into the hat's charging port and connect the other end to a charging device such as a computer, power bank, or a USB wall adapter.

3: Wait for the Charging to Complete

Once the charging cable is connected, wait for the light-up beanie to complete its charging cycle. Typically, there will be an indicator light on the hat that illuminates during charging and turns off or changes color when the hat is fully charged. This helps you understand the charging status.

4: Disconnect the Charging Cable

When the hat is fully charged, disconnect the charging cable. Ensure that the charging port is securely covered to prevent dust and protect it from moisture and other environmental factors.

5: Illuminate the Lights on the Hat

Now that your light-up beanie is charged, use the built-in switch on the hat to easily turn the lights on or off, providing additional illumination for your activities. Whether walking in the dark or engaging in outdoor pursuits, this hat becomes an ideal choice.


A beanie hat with lights combines fashion and functionality, offering a unique accessory that not only keeps you warm but also adds a touch of brilliance to your life. By following the simple charging steps, you can ensure you have bright illumination whenever and wherever you need it, elevating your style to new heights. Put on your hat, radiate a distinctive glow, and let your style shine!