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Blog | Could Bluetooth Glasses Be Made into Prescription Glasses ?

Could Bluetooth Glasses Be Made into Prescription Glasses ?

May 08, 2023     Nielsen

With the advancement of technology and the popularity of smart devices, Bluetooth glasses are becoming more and more popular. Bluetooth glasses can be connected to smart phones, tablets and other devices via Bluetooth, allowing you to use their functions without holding these devices, such as answering calls, sending text messages, playing music, etc. For people who need to use smart devices frequently, Bluetooth glasses are a very convenient option. However, for those who need vision correction, they may wonder whether Bluetooth glasses can be made into prescription glasses to meet their vision needs.

Design of bluetooth glasses

Bluetooth glasses usually have a lightweight and stylish design, and their lenses and temples can be designed as modules that can be freely disassembled and replaced. However, due to the design and technical structure of the bluetooth glasses, factors such as the thickness and shape of the lens and frame may be affected, thereby affecting the vision correction effect of the glasses.

The challenge of Bluetooth glasses as prescription glasses

To turn Bluetooth glasses into prescription glasses, several factors need to be considered. First, the prescription of the glasses must be precise to ensure the correct correction of the eyes. The design and construction of Bluetooth glasses can further complicate this process, as it must be ensured that the construction of the lenses and frames does not affect the accuracy of the glasses' prescription. Second, the lenses of Bluetooth glasses need to meet optical standards to ensure they can provide a clear field of vision. When combining Bluetooth technology with prescription glasses, it is necessary to ensure that the design and materials of the lenses do not interfere with the optics. Therefore, we have paid attention to this point when designing. Our O series office Bluetooth glasses can be made into prescription glasses. You only need to take our Bluetooth glasses and go to the optical shop or hospital to get glasses according to the normal process. up. The process is very simple.


Although Bluetooth glasses are very convenient, there are only a few models that can be made into Bluetooth prescription glasses. We have begun to try to combine Bluetooth technology with prescription glasses to provide users with the best products, the most correct degrees and optical effects. In addition, when you need to be reminded, if you know about blue light, then you must know the harm to human eyes, so you must also want the Bluetooth glasses to have anti-blue light function. In fact, it is not difficult. Most of our Bluetooth glasses are already equipped with anti-blue light function as standard, we just want users to feel at ease in buying and using them.