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Blog | Cycling Also Requires a Driving Recorder

Cycling Also Requires a Driving Recorder

April 24, 2024     Nelson

With the continuous congestion of urban traffic and the increase of traffic accidents, safe driving has become the focus of people's attention. In this era of increasing safety awareness, driving recorders have become essential equipment for many car owners. However, when we talk about traffic safety, the safety of cyclists is often overlooked. In fact, bicycles also need driving recorders to ensure the safety of cyclists.

Bicycles Can Also Encounter Sudden Traffic Accidents

First, cyclists are also at risk of traffic accidents. Despite the relatively slow speed of bicycles, there is still a risk of collision with cars and motorcycles on busy urban roads. The driving recorder can record traffic violations or emergencies during riding, provide evidence for the judgment of accident liability, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of cyclists.

Improve Riding Habits

Secondly, the driving recorder helps to improve the safety awareness of cyclists. Many traffic accidents are caused by driver negligence or irregularities. By installing a driving recorder, cyclists can monitor their driving behavior at all times, discover and correct unsafe riding habits in a timely manner, and reduce the probability of accidents.

Help Improve Evidence for Accidents

In addition, dash cams can provide added protection to cyclists. When a traffic accident occurs, the recorder can record the accident process, provide evidence for accident handling, and help cyclists protect their rights and interests. At the same time, some driving recorders also have emergency rescue functions, which can send a distress signal in the event of an emergency and get help in time.

Combination of Helmet and Driving Recorder

The Smart Helmet developed by LOOKIAM can perfectly solve this demand. It has a built-in camera that can work like a professional driving recorder, and has a Bluetooth module that can connect to your mobile phone for calls or listening to music. The rear of the helmet , also has a red warning light, which can flash when turning left or right or in an emergency to ensure your driving safety.

To sum up, cyclists also need driving recorders to improve traffic safety awareness, protect personal rights and provide emergency rescue. With the continuous development of science and technology, driving recorders have become an important equipment for modern traffic safety. It is necessary for us to apply them to the bicycle field and jointly contribute to urban traffic safety.