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Blog | Guide to Sunglass Lens Colors

Guide to Sunglass Lens Colors

June 13, 2023     Maxwell

Sunglasses are commonly used eye protection during outdoor activities. In addition to blocking harsh sunlight, sunglasses can effectively reduce eye fatigue and protect the eyes from harmful UV radiation. When choosing sunglasses, lens color is an important factor to consider. This article will introduce different types of sunglass lens colors and their significance, helping you choose the right sunglasses for yourself.

1.Gray lenses: Gray lenses are one of the most common sunglass lens colors. They offer good color balance, reducing brightness while maintaining true color perception. Gray lenses are suitable for most outdoor activities, including driving, walking, and general outdoor sports.

2.Brown lenses: Brown lenses, also known as amber lenses, provide high contrast and depth perception, offering better visual clarity. They are suitable for driving and outdoor sports, especially in hazy or cloudy weather. Brown lenses can effectively reduce glare and enhance visibility.

3.Green lenses: Green lenses excel in reducing glare and maintaining true colors. They have good filtering effects on red and blue light, making them ideal for use in bright environments such as hiking in the mountains or beach activities. Green lenses also have a soothing effect on the eyes, making them suitable for long-term wear.

4.Blue/purple lenses: Blue or purple lenses enhance color contrast, making the scenery more vivid. They are suitable for specific environments like the ocean or mountains, reducing interference from distant objects and providing better depth perception and clarity.

5.Yellow/orange lenses: Yellow or orange lenses enhance contrast, particularly in cloudy or dim lighting conditions. They can filter out blue light, reduce glare, and improve visibility, making them suitable for driving, skiing, rainy conditions, and dusk.

It is important to note that the choice of sunglass lens color depends not only on personal preference but also on the usage scenario and activity type. Additionally, ensure that the selected lenses offer adequate UV protection to safeguard your eyes from UV radiation.

In summary, when selecting sunglasses, lens color is an important factor to consider. Gray, brown, green, blue/purple, and yellow/orange lenses are common choices. Different lens colors are suitable for different environments and activity types, offering varying levels of contrast, glare reduction, and color perception. Besides color, ensure that the lenses provide proper UV protection. Choosing sunglasses with the right lens color for your needs can better protect your eyes and provide a comfortable visual experience.

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