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How Far is the Connection Distance of Bluetooth Glasses?

March 16, 2023     Nielsen

Generally speaking, the transmission distance of electronic products related to Bluetooth is related to the Bluetooth chip. The transmission distance of Bluetooth is basically fixed. Therefore, let me introduce the Bluetooth technology used in our Bluetooth glasses.

Table of contents
1: Introduction to Bluetooth
2: Technology used in Bluetooth glasses
3: Transmission distance of Bluetooth glasses,
4: Connection method

1 :Introduction to Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a global standard for open wireless data and voice communication. It is a very useful and low-cost short-range wireless technology that uses the frequency band from 2.4 to 2.483GHz for communication. It can be used up to a distance of one kilometer or as close as one meter. However, since the signal propagates through the air, the farther the distance, the greater the loss, so the Bluetooth transmission distance of some small Bluetooth devices is typically within 3m to 20m, such as Bluetooth earphones and chips that transmit information via Bluetooth. Currently, the vast majority of electronic products worldwide are equipped with Bluetooth functionality, making Bluetooth the most popular low-cost short-range transmission technology in the world.

2:Bluetooth Technology Used in Bluetooth Glasses

The Bluetooth transmission technology used in our Bluetooth glasses is based on Bluetooth 5.0. Due to the need for a lightweight design in glasses, larger capacity batteries cannot be used, so a low-power Bluetooth 5.0 chip is used to enable the Bluetooth glasses to be used continuously for 6 to 8 hours with a 160mAh battery, and the standby time can be as long as about 300 hours. It supports protocols such as HFP, A2DP, HID, AVRCP, AVCTP, and AVDTP, allowing the Bluetooth glasses to control phone calls and high-quality audio content.

3:Transmission Distance of Bluetooth Glasses

The maximum transmission distance of LOOKIAM's Bluetooth glasses is 20m. Why not make the transmission distance of Bluetooth glasses farther? Firstly, sound quality is also very important for our LOOKIAM Bluetooth glasses. If the sound quality of the Bluetooth glasses deteriorates, it will be unacceptable for us. Therefore, to ensure smooth voice communication and excellent sound quality, 20m is the maximum distance. Secondly, a longer transmission distance corresponds to greater power consumption, which is not conducive to the battery life of Bluetooth glasses. Finally, a longer transmission distance does not align with the design concept of Bluetooth glasses. In daily life, the distance between Bluetooth glasses and phones in use mostly does not exceed 2 meters. Therefore, we do not need to set a longer transmission distance for Bluetooth glasses.

4: Connection method

Connecting the Bluetooth glasses is very simple. You just need to turn on the glasses and enable Bluetooth on your phone, then search for available Bluetooth devices and tap to connect. Our Bluetooth glasses also offer the option to connect with a single temple or both temples, which can extend the usage time.

The above is a brief introduction of the Bluetooth of our LOOKIAM Bluetooth glasses, I hope you can like it~