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Blog | How to fix glasses that are too wide?

How to fix glasses that are too wide?

June 20, 2023     Baron

Sometimes the glasses we purchase may be too wide, causing discomfort or easy slipping when worn. Fortunately, there are simple measures you can take to repair glasses that are too wide, ensuring a better fit for your face shape and size. This article will introduce several methods for fixing wide glasses to help you find the most suitable solution.

Adjust with an eyeglass screwdriver: Most glasses have adjustable nose pads and temple arms. If your glasses are too wide, you can use a small eyeglass screwdriver to gradually tighten the screws and reduce the width of the glasses. Be cautious while making adjustments to avoid overdoing it or damaging the glasses.

Add adhesive pads or cushions: Another method is to add adhesive pads or cushions to the nose pads or temple arms of the glasses to increase their thickness and width. You can choose soft adhesive pads or silicone cushions and attach them to the inner side of the nose pads or temple arms to accommodate your face shape and size. This method can provide better fitting and comfort.

Seek professional assistance: If you feel uncertain or uncomfortable about repairing the glasses yourself, it is advisable to seek help from a professional optician or eyeglass repair technician. They have the experience and specialized tools to accurately adjust the width of the glasses, ensuring a comfortable fit to your face.

Replace the eyeglass frame: If the above methods fail to address the issue of wide glasses, you may consider replacing the eyeglass frame. Choose a frame of appropriate size that complements your face shape. This way, you can have comfortable and well-fitting glasses, avoiding issues of slipping or poor fit.

In summary, repairing wide glasses is not a difficult task. You can try adjusting with an eyeglass screwdriver, adding adhesive pads or cushions, or seeking professional assistance for repairs. If none of these methods work, replacing the frame with a proper size is an option. It is important to ensure that the glasses fit well and provide comfort.

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