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Blog | How to Keep Glasses from Falling off the Bridge of Your Nose

How to Keep Glasses from Falling off the Bridge of Your Nose

May 31, 2023     Nielsen

Wearing glasses is a part of everyday life for many people, but sometimes they can slip down your nose, causing you inconvenience and discomfort. To ensure your glasses stay securely on your nose, you can do the following:

Choose the Right Frame:

Make sure the glasses frames you choose are suitable for your face shape and the shape of your nose bridge. Different people have different nose shapes and sizes, so it's important to find a frame that fits the bridge of your nose and provides good support.

To Adjust the Nose Pad Position:

Many eyeglass frames have adjustable nose pads. According to your needs, properly adjust the position of the nose pads to fit your nose better. Make sure the nose pads are in close contact with the bridge of the nose to provide firm support.

To Use Non-slip Nose Pads:

There are specially designed nose pads to help keep glasses from sliding down your nose. These spacers are usually made of a soft material that increases the friction between the glasses and the nose, providing extra stability. You can buy these nose pads at an optician or drug store and replace them as needed.

To Adjust Temple Length:

The length of the temples also affects the stability of the glasses. If the temples are too long, the glasses may slide down the nose; if they are too short, the glasses may fit too snugly on the face. Make sure the temples are the right length to fit comfortably behind your ears, not too tight or too loose.

To Use Non-slip Temple Covers:

Anti-slip temple covers are sleeves of rubber or silicone material that go over the temples to provide extra traction and keep glasses from slipping off. These sleeves reduce slippage between the temples and ears and keep the glasses securely in place.

To Adjust the Temple Angle:

Some temples can be angled to suit individual needs. According to your face shape and personal preference, adjust the angle of the temples to fit snugly behind the ears and provide firm support.

Clean Your Glasses Regularly:

Grease and dirt on eyeglass lenses can cause the glasses to slip. Regular cleaning of glasses, especially the temples, can remove grease and dirt and improve the friction of glasses.

Keep in mind that everyone's nose shape and personal preferences are different, so it may take some experimentation and adjustments to find the anti-slip method that works best for you. If you still experience frequent problems with glasses sliding down your nose, it is recommended to consult a professional optician or optometrist who can provide you with more specific advice and solutions.