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Introduction to Bluetooth Glasses

March 14, 2023     Nielsen

Table of Contents

1:What is Bluetooth Glasses

2: What Are the Functions of Bluetooth Glasses ?

3: Advantages of Bluetooth Glasses ?


1:What is Bluetooth Glasses ?

What are Bluetooth glasses? As can be seen from the name, it is a pair of glasses that can be connected to Bluetooth. It is a product composed of a pair of glasses and an external Bluetooth headset. You can connect to your phone via Bluetooth to listen to various audio content and prompts. The glasses can also use a variety of glasses, such as cycling glasses, sunglasses, polarized glasses, etc., can be made into Bluetooth glasses.

2: What Are the Functions of Bluetooth Glasses ?

There are VR glasses and AR glasses in today's stores, so are these Bluetooth glasses? Of course not, these things are fundamentally different from Bluetooth glasses. First of all, whether it is VR glasses or AR glasses, it is impossible to carry them around or even go out. They are powerful and can show you a whole new world in your eyes. With the terrible power consumption and weight, the battery life is very short, and it is basically impossible to use it for a whole day. Of course, they are not designed for convenience in life, but for entertainment. Although the function of Bluetooth glasses is simple, but All are one of the few products that can facilitate life.

3: Advantages of Bluetooth Glasses ?

In fact, it can be seen from the above that the functions of Bluetooth glasses are basically the same as those of Bluetooth headsets, so why don't I buy a Bluetooth headset? I believe most people will think about this question. First of all, I have to admit that most earphones are sold with sound quality, sound insulation, compactness and lightness as selling points, but in-ear earphones are not tried in most places. When you put on headphones and start playing music, it is difficult for you to have ears to perceive the outside world. You cannot hear the sound of cars on the road, and you cannot hear your colleagues calling your name. This is very unsafe and dangerous. Polite. In addition, wearing in-ear headphones for a long time will cause a very strong sense of discomfort and fatigue, which will put a lot of pressure on your ears, which is very unfriendly to the health of your ears. At these times, the advantages of Bluetooth glasses are highlighted. The Bluetooth glasses are not equipped with in-ear headphones, which play music outside your ears, and will not prevent you from receiving sounds from the outside world. It is very suitable for office work, and it can be worn for a long time. You can wear Bluetooth sunglasses outside, and you can wear Bluetooth anti-blue light office glasses indoors, which is very convenient.

Bluetooth glasses also have a good waterproof function. It is inevitable that sometimes water will splash on the glasses when worn on the eyes. If there is no waterproof effect, the glasses will break down quickly, and as the wearing time increases, sweat and oil will also It appears on the temples, so anti-sweat erosion is essential. These are the functions that Bluetooth glasses must have Moreover, Bluetooth glasses also accept customized services, and lenses of various colors you want can be used on Bluetooth glasses.