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Blog | What Are Bone Conduction Headphones ?

What Are Bone Conduction Headphones ?

May 06, 2023     Nielsen

Bone conduction headphones are a unique type of headphones that don't sit directly in the ear like traditional headphones, but transmit sound signals by vibrating bones. In this article, we will introduce the working principle, advantages and applicable scenarios of bone conduction headphones.

Demonstration of the principle of bone conduction headphones

How bone conduction headphones work

Bone conduction headphones work by transmitting sound signals into the inner ear by vibrating bones, rather than transmitting sound by directly vibrating the eardrum. Specifically, bone conduction headphones typically contain a transmitter and a vibrator. The transmitter converts the sound signal into a mechanical vibration signal, and then transmits the vibration signal to the vibrator. The vibrator sends a vibration signal into the skull, and the skull sends the vibration signal into the inner ear, which allows us to hear sound.

Advantages of bone conduction headphones

Compared with traditional headphones, bone conduction headphones have the following advantages:

It avoids directly vibrating the eardrum, reducing the pressure and damage to the eardrum.
The ear canal infection and discomfort that may be caused by the earphones during use are avoided.
It allows us to hear the surrounding environmental sound, avoiding the safety hazard caused by wearing headphones.
Bone conduction headphones have good applicability in sports, driving and other scenarios, because it will not affect our hearing of external sounds.
Applicable scenarios for bone conduction headphones
Since bone conduction earphones have different working principles and advantages than traditional earphones, it has good applicability in some specific scenarios, such as:
Sports scene: Since bone conduction earphones do not block external sound, it allows us to hear the sound of the surrounding environment when exercising outdoors, improving exercise safety. Work scene: In the working environment where you need to answer calls frequently or you need to hear the surrounding sounds, bone conduction earphones can improve work efficiency, and at the same time avoid ear canal infection and discomfort that may be caused when using traditional earphones.

Driving scene: Bone conduction earphones allow drivers to hear traffic sounds on the road while hearing navigation prompts, improving driving safety Swimming scene: Bone conduction earphones allow us to hear music or the guidance of the coach while swimming without being submerged in water or disturbed by the sound in the water.

It should be noted that since the vibration signal of bone conduction headphones needs to be transmitted to the inner ear through the skull, its sound quality may be slightly inferior to that of traditional headphones. In addition, because different people have different skull structures and bone densities, different people may have different hearing experiences when wearing bone conduction headphones.


Bone conduction earphones transmit sound signals by vibrating bones, avoiding the discomfort and damage caused by directly vibrating the eardrum, and allowing us to hear the surrounding environmental sounds, which has good applicability. However, due to the different skull structure and bone density of different people, when using bone conduction headphones, you need to choose a product that suits you according to your own situation.