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Blog | What Are the Anti-Fog Goggles?

What Are the Anti-Fog Goggles?

May 09, 2023     Nielsen

Glasses anti-fog damp cloth is a kind of cleaning product that can prevent the production of fog on the glasses lens in wet or high temperature environment. When going from indoors to outdoors or passing through popular areas, the glasses are easy to generate fog, obstruct the line of sight, and increase the user's danger. And the presence of anti-fog wipes on the glasses can effectively solve this problem.

The method of using the glasses is very simple. First, you need to clean the glasses thoroughly to ensure that the surface of the lens is dry. Then, take out a pair of glasses and gently wipe the surface of the lens until the liquid in the cloth is wet. Evenly cover the surface of the lens. Finally, use a clean dry towel to gently wipe the surface of the lens until the surface is dry, then you can use it.

Anti-fogging glasses are usually made of high-molecular materials and herbal extracts, these materials have good moisture absorption and anti-static properties. When in use, the active ingredients in the herbal extracts will be released by evaporation, forming a layer of coating, thus effectively preventing the fog on the lens of the glasses.

In addition to preventing the glasses from fogging, the glasses anti-fog damp cloth also has the function of disinfecting and killing bacteria, which can effectively remove bacteria and viruses from the surface of the glasses, and keep the glasses clean and hygienic. In short, the glasses anti-fog damp cloth is a convenient, easy-to-use, efficient glasses cleaning product, especially suitable for people who often use glasses in humid or high temperature environments. Use instructions to operate.