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Blog | What Kind of Glasses Are Suitable for Small Faces ?

What Kind of Glasses Are Suitable for Small Faces ?

April 11, 2023     Nielsen

Choosing the right glasses for you is an important thing as they not only help you see the world around you clearly, but also enhance your image. According to my understanding, the shape glasses are suitable for small faces. For example, round or oval lenses, traditional aviator glasses, or butterfly-shaped glasses may all work better for you. These shapes will make the contours of your face look rounder, and darker frame colors will look even better.

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However, choosing glasses is not just based on the shape of the face. There are other factors to consider, such as your personal style and skin tone, etc. For skin tone, if you have a cool complexion, colors such as silver and black are more suitable; if you have a warm complexion, colors such as gold, black, transparent, tortoiseshell are more suitable.

In addition, when choosing glasses, you should also pay attention to its relationship with the style of clothing. For example, the common collocations of Japanese style are black frame, round frame retro, and square frame casual; Korean style can be matched with lighter-colored frames, which are more fashionable and simple.

In short, when choosing glasses, you should consider a variety of factors to find the most suitable style for you.

When choosing glasses, you should also pay attention to the relationship between them and the volume of the face. The sense of volume refers to the sense of volume if the face is big, the nose is large, and the facial features are big, while the opposite is the sense of volume. Some people say that big glasses should be matched with a large amount of feeling, and small glasses should be matched with a small amount of feeling; some people say that it should be reversed, a large amount of feeling should be matched with small glasses, and a small amount of sense should be matched with large glasses. But I think it's best to choose a compromise.

In addition, lines can also be used to modify the face shape when choosing glasses. There are five ways of line modification: repeat, extend, break, contrast and substitute.

For example, in modifying the bridge of the nose: if the tip of the nose is wider, the angle between the bridge of the nose should be wider; The height of the frame should be close to the inner corner of the eye; if the nose is very wide, choose a plate-orbital integrated nose pad and the height of the pad should not be too high.

Therefore, face shape is only one of the factors to choose glasses. If you want to buy a pair of glasses that suit you very well, then small face shape is only one of the factors. You should add your skin color, facial features, and your usual dressing style , put these together, you can choose the most suitable glasses for you. The above is the answer that LOOKIAM can give you, I hope you like it