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Blog | Why Eye Color Is Different ?

Why Eye Color Is Different ?

July 25, 2023     Nielsen

Eyes are one of the most striking features of our face, but there are differences in the color of eyes in different people. Some people have brown eyes, others have blue eyes, and still others have green or gray eyes. This raises an interesting question: why are the eyes different colors? This article will answer that question for you and explore what causes differences in eye color.

Pigment Distribution

The color of the eye is determined by the layer of tissue behind the retina, called the iris. The iris contains a substance called pigment. The common pigments in the human eye are melanin and yellow pigment. The distribution of pigments in the iris determines the color of the eye. For example, a lot of melanin can make eyes brown or black, while less melanin and more yellow can make eyes blue or gray.

Genetic Factors

Eye color is determined by genes. Parents have genes that determine their eye color, and these genes can be passed on to offspring genetically. Generally speaking, brown eyes are a dominant gene, while blue eyes are a recessive gene. This means that if one of the parents has the gene for brown eyes, then their eye color may be brown, and only if both parents have the gene for blue eyes, the offspring may have blue eyes.

Scattering of Light

Eye color is also related to the scattering of light. When light enters the eye, it interacts with the pigments in the iris, scattering different colors. This is why people's eye color may appear to change under different lighting conditions. It's important to note that although pigmentation and genetics can explain differences in eye color, it's not an absolutely scientific explanation. The formation of eye color involves a variety of complex factors, including other genes, hormones and environmental factors, and there are still many unsolved mysteries.


The difference in eye color is caused by a combination of factors such as the distribution of pigments in the iris, genetic factors, and light scattering. This explains why different people have different eye colors. Although we can predict eye color through genetics and pigment distribution, there are still many complex factors that need further research and understanding. Regardless of eye color, every pair of eyes is unique and beautiful.